Friday, September 2, 2011

It has come to my attention that more and more Hobbits are being featured in videos. Cousin Bluebonnett just made a soon to be released dancing video! It was very nice of those Life of Riley folks to play the music for Bluebonnet's video. I can't wait to see it! Additionally, Bluebonnett, Zinga, and myself are in talks with un-named producers to be featured in yet another Hobbit-featured video! I am sure Dinga and Moo will want to be in on this fun too!

With the rush to film Hobbits, maybe we should form some sort of Guild or Union or something? I have noticed that's what the Man race people do - form some sort of union. I'm not sure WHY they form these clubs... but I know they form them! When I asked Aunt Ceo about what a union is for she said something about, "union denziens breeding lazyness and breaking the backs of managerial economics." Ummmm... I'm just a little Hobbit and can't break anyone's back even if I wanted to unless it's a Neeker. So I don't think that's the union I was talking about (tho I am sometimes lazy... like after I have two strawberry tarts... or it's a rainy day... or it's a sunny day perfect for napping under a tree... or wellll .... lotsa times). When I asked Zinga, she said, "So they can get stuffed," and then she pushed me into Coldwater Creek.

After I finished crying and drying off and eating a strawberry tart (ok I had two) and taking a nap, I thot about it some more. So... my guess is that they form unions so they can coordinate on who brings breakfast, and who brings second breakfast and then assign someone to bring elevensies and so on. I mean HOW EMBARASSING is it to show up at elevensies with bacon and egg tasties only to find out that the person that brought second breakfast brought the exact same thing! I know we've ALL made that mistake more than once!

So now that we know what a union is for, we need a really really neato Hobbity name! For the union I mean. The Man unions are waaayyy boring named. Carpenter's Local #57... Khazad-Iron Workers #802... talk about real snoozers! But then again, Aunt Ceo always says, "You can never expect a Man to think with..." Oh wait... nevermind. I uhhhh... think Aunt Ceo means Men don't think of good union names.

I thot of some really GREAT union names, but I forgot them all when I took my nap. I know that one of them didn't even have the words 'union' or 'local' in it... but used the word 'LEAGUE'. Too cool, huh?! Yeah... I know... some people say I have a gift for that sort of thing.


  1. Ooh! Ooh! How about "The League of Extraordinary Hobbit Filmpersons"?

  2. shh..... pipeweed... yum....

    damnit moo, stop eating my PIPEWEED PIE!!

  3. You know what my favorite League is? The Inn League! That is the only union I am in!

    -B.B., Inn League Sage of Fine Spirits #1